Storage Guidelines for Peptides:


The peptides are supplied in lyophilized form and should be handling based on the following considerations:


  1. The peptides should be preserved at a cool dry, evades light place, seal.
  2. Short term storage(2 to 3 months) of lyophilized peptide should be done in a freezer at -20°C.
  3. Long term storage, we recommend storing the peptide in a deep freezer at -80°C if available.
  4. If peptide samples need to be frequently or periodically taken from the stock, it is recommended to make a series of aliquots from the stock.
  5. Peptide sequences containing C, M, or W are prone to air oxidation. It is recommended to purge the air out of the vial and replace it with a blanket of nitrogen or argon.    

If peptides in solution, please use sterile buffers at pH 5-6 and store aliquots at -20°C to prolong the storage life of peptides in solution. Usually the shelf life of peptides in solution is very limited, especially for sequences containing cysteine, methionine, tryptophan, asparagine, glutamine, and N-terminal glutamic acid. In general, aliquot the necessary amounts of peptide for a few days and relyophilize remaining portions for long term storage if necessary.