GHK-CU 500mg

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GHK-Cu 500mg

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>99% by HPLC

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In 1970, a copper-peptide complex (GHK) was discovered in serum. GHK-Cu plays an important role in the physiological process of tissue activation. Based on this , scientists have published many reports on clinical human experiments, which access to a number of exclusive US and global patents, opened the use of copper for wrinkles.
In 1986, in the state of Washington, USA, ProCyte was established to apply copper-bonded amino acids to human tissue repair, anti-aging, wrinkle reduction and hair growth. In 1999 the establishment of NEOVA brand, which is the official use of blue copper anti-aging wrinkle beauty care.Many dermatologists have also published many clinical human experiments, confirming that this group of compounds can enter the dermal layer and exert its effect. Therefore it was recommended as the 21st century the most stimulating anti-aging wrinkle products by dermatology and surgeon.

The body's repair function
Copper is a trace element required to maintain body functions (2 mg per day), is a versatile and complex element required for the action of various cellular enzymes.In the role of skin tissue, anti-oxidation, promote collagen proliferation, to help wound healing. Copper-bonded amino acids GHK-CU, a complex of three amino acids and one copper ion found in serum, is a glycoconjugate that effectively promotes collagen and elastin. Protein production increases blood vessel growth and antioxidant capacity and stimulates the production of GAGs that help the skin regain its natural healing ability.

Copper peptide beauty effect
1. Stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin, firming the skin and reduce fine lines.
2. Restore skin repair capacity, increase intercellular skin mucus production, reduce skin damage.
3. Stimulate the formation of polyamine polyglucose, increase the thickness of the skin, reduce skin loose and firm skin.
4. Promote vascular proliferation, increase the amount of oxygen the skin.
5. Uxiliary antioxidant enzyme SOD, a strong and favorable anti-free radical function.


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GHK-CU  500mg