Online peptides is your reliable USA Peptides synthesis supplier. With Professional experts and advanced Instruments, Online Peptides can reliably synthesize high-quality custom peptides with a variety of options for purity, quantity, modifications and length. Our process includes both automatic and manual peptide synthesizers, purification and analytical HPLC systems, and advance technology. Every peptide from Online Peptides is tested by Mass spectrum and HPLC chromatogram, and the quality analysis data sheet is been provided to our customers.

1. Ordinary linear peptide chain length to 189 amino acids, milligram to gram scale, up to 99% purity
2. Simple modified peptides: free N-terminal acetylation, amidation end
3. Complex modified peptide: lipopeptide phosphopeptide (Ser, Thr, Tyr), cyclic peptide ( lactam ring , disulfide ring ) , a fluorescent labeled peptide (FAM, FITC), biotin-labeled peptide (BIOTIN), complex antigens peptide (MAP) , etc.
4. Protein crosslinking: KLH, BSA, OVA
5. contains a special amino acid peptide: containing D -amino acids and a variety of amino acid derivatives
6. different purity range: crude peptide , >70% , > 80% , > 90% , > 95% , > 98% , > 99%

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