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The Principle of Peptides Synthesis

At present, there are mainly two methods for chemical peptides synthesis, namely Fmoc and tBoc. Because Fmoc has more advantages than tBoc, Fmoc is now more popular. Peptide synthesis is a repeated process of adding amino acids, and synthesis direction is from the C end(carboxyl) to end N (amidogen). In the past, peptide synthesis is mostly carried out in liquid phase and solid phase synthesis is now mostly used, which thereby greatly reducing the difficulty of the purification of each product. In order to prevent the occurrence of side effects, side add the chain synthesis column and amino acids are pre-protected; only the carboxyl end is free, and it must be activated with chemical reagents before reaction.

The concrete steps are as follows:

1. Protection: the columns and monomers protected by Fmoc must use an alkaline solvent (piperidine) to remove the protective groups of the amino groups.

2. The activation and cross-linking: a carboxyl group of the amino acid is an agonist-activated dissolution, activation of the monomer and the free amino group in the presence of crosslinking agent crosslinking, the formation of peptide bonds.

3. Cycle: the two steps reacted repeatedly until the whole peptide chain was synthesized.

4. Elution and deportetion: the protective group is eluted and deprotected by a deprotector (TFA) according to the different residues contained in the peptide chain. And the solvent is removed from the column with different depolymerization solvents.

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