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The Effect And Development Trend Of Matrixyl

Matrixyl (Click to buy pure matrixyl 3000)is a kind of peptide that belongs to signal peptide. Those who have studied biology are not unfamiliar with peptides. Peptide -- a small molecule protein found in the human body, is a very small molecular weight substance that is converted into several amino acids after the protein is hydrolyzed.it is stable and can be easily absorbed by the body. Matrixyl is a peptide composed of five amino acids linked by a peptide chain. Compared with the traditional peptide of hydrolyzed protein, Matrixyl in skin care products have a more orderly peptide sequence, so they can have a specific anti-aging function.

As a member of signal peptides, Matrixyl can promote the synthesis of matrix proteins, especially collagen, by increasing the activity of matrix cells. At the same time, it can improve the formation of elastin, hyaluronic acid, glycosaminoglycan and fibronectin, making skin elastic and anti-aging. Compared with other anti-aging substances, peptides, as fragments of proteins, can easily pass through the gap of the cuticle layer and enter the dermis, giving full play to their due effects and higher application rate. However, even if the application rate is very high, peptides also have a certain action cycle (mostly for four weeks), so peptide skin care products should be maintained in daily use for a long time. What's more, the combination of peptides and other potent ingredients can increase its ability to penetrate the skin and maximize its anti-aging effects.

Studies have shown that peptides are as effective as Botox. Therefore, peptides have also become one of the favorite efficacy ingredients of skincare companies and become the key research object of skincare brands in recent years. At present, more than 50 peptides have been used in skin care products and received unanimous praise. Domestic and foreign raw material manufacturers are also in the research and development of peptides. We have reason to believe that more and more effective bioactive peptides will be used in skin care products. In the future, we will have other effective substances in addition to anti-aging Matrixyl.