Follistatin-like 1 May Help Regenerate the Heart

24th May 2018

Regeneration of organs and tissues is the goal that humanity dreams of.People have never stopped similar dreams: How great it is if there is any tissue or organ that has the ability to regenerate. If the liver and kidneys are broken, then liver...
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Is Peptides Illegal?

21st May 2018

In recent years, with the progress of science and technology and the discovery of polypeptide advantage, many countries are committed to studying the research and production of peptides, legalizing the production of peptides, and gradually applying...
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Is Peptides Bad for Human Body

17th May 2018

The biological activity of peptides depends on their amino acid composition and sequence. Almost all physiological processes in human body are controlled by polypeptide or protein composed of specific amino acid sequences. Therefore, bioactive peptid...
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Peptides Hormone

8th May 2018

Peptides hormones from the amino acids by peptide bonds connected into the smallest peptide hormone may be composed of three amino acids, such as thyrotropin releasing hormone (TRH). Most peptide hormones can be made up of more than ten, dozens o...
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Promising Therapeutic Agents - Peptides

3rd May 2018

Peptides is a small protein, usually a chain less than 50 amino acids, and has been considered as a promising therapeutic agent. More than 60 kinds of peptide drugs have been sold in the market and produced 13 billion annual sales, accounting for 1...
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The Principle of Peptides Synthesis

27th Apr 2018

At present, there are mainly two methods for chemical peptides synthesis, namely Fmoc and tBoc. Because Fmoc has more advantages than tBoc, Fmoc is now more popular. Peptide synthesis is a repeated process of adding amino acids, and synthesis...
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The Method of Obtaining Peptide Drugs

25th Apr 2018

There are three main sources: natural extraction, biological and chemical.1. Extraction of active components from natural productsThere are some active components in natural products, which can be extracted from simple mixtures by solvent extractio...
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Peptides Preservation

23rd Apr 2018

Polypeptides are generally preserved in the form of freeze-dried powder, it is stable in -20℃, especially after freeze-dried and stored in the dryer. Most peptides can be stored at this temperature for several years unchangeably. If you use a sma...
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Two Ways to Synthesize Peptides

20th Apr 2018

There are two main ways to synthesize peptides: chemical synthesis and biosynthesis. Chemical synthesis is mainly achieved by the condensation reaction of amino acids. In order to get the synthetic polypeptide with specific sequence, when the amino a...
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