The Principle of Peptides Synthesis

27th Apr 2018

At present, there are mainly two methods for chemical peptides synthesis, namely Fmoc and tBoc. Because Fmoc has more advantages than tBoc, Fmoc is now more popular. Peptide synthesis is a repeated process of adding amino acids, and synthesis...
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The Method of Obtaining Peptide Drugs

25th Apr 2018

There are three main sources: natural extraction, biological and chemical.1. Extraction of active components from natural productsThere are some active components in natural products, which can be extracted from simple mixtures by solvent extractio...
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The Mixed Anhydride Method for the Peptides Synthesis

16th Apr 2018

Both organic carboxylic acid and inorganic acid can be used in the formation of acid anhydride. However, only a few have been widely applied, and in most cases, alkyl chloroformate is used. Ethyl chloroformate used in the past is mainly substituted b...
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