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Promising Therapeutic Agents - Peptides

Peptides is a small protein, usually a chain less than 50 amino acids, and has been considered as a promising therapeutic agent. More than 60 kinds of peptide drugs have been sold in the market and produced 13 billion annual sales, accounting for 1.5% of all drug sales.

1. Four kinds of polypeptide drugs: glatiramer, leuprolide, goserelin, and octreotide in the annual sales of more than 1 billion. Clinical polypeptide drugs continued to increase in only 1.2 in 1970s, 4.6 in 80s, 9.7 in 90s, and 16.8 at the beginning of twenty-first Century. Now, about 140 polypeptide drugs are in the clinical stage, and more than 400 are in pre clinical trials.

2. More than 100 pharmaceuticals and Biotech Corp are now buying peptide drug research and development projects.

There are many reasons for the huge increase in the profit of peptide therapy. The main reason is that there has been a great improvement in the drug delivery system of peptides in the last ten years. A specific polypeptide can pass through the cell membrane and is therefore used as a carrier for targeting drugs. More and more peptides are used in medical diagnosis, health care, antibacterial and cosmetic skin care.

There is a large number of peptide API is demanded every year, which is about 1400kg par years. In addition, about 40% are produced by CMO. When a large number of peptide drugs are used as generic drugs and more and more peptide drugs are approved, the proportion of CMO will be greatly improved in 2017.

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