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Origin And Function Of GHK-Cu

Copper peptides derived from complex GHK - Cu in human blood, due to the high affinity of copper (ii), it enables to get GHK three peptides from carrier molecule. When injected into the skin or spread on the skin surface, GHK - Cu will promote the damaged parts into new organization form and remove old organization stratification. GHK-cu can induce the second stage of treatment. In the process of skin remodeling, scars are removed to renew the skin and healthy skin is rebuilt. This product is the active raw material of anti-wrinkle cosmetics. The addition of this ingredient in the product can make consumers' fine lines fade away and scar can be recovered without any trace. This product can also be used to promote hair growth, such as shampoo, so as to restore the hair youthful luster. The details are as follows:

1. As a growth factor, GAGs are generated and wound repair is accelerated.

2. Increase skin epithelium regeneration.

3. Rejuvenate skin - skin hyperplasia, reduce fine and coarse wrinkles, reduce scars, improve skin elasticity, increase keratinocyte and fibroblast hyperplasia, and thicken skin tissue.

4. Stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss, improve tissue and increase the size of hair follicle.

5. Heal and repair gastric ulcer.

6. Prevent tissue oxidation damage.

7. There are a lot of anti-inflammatory effects (reducing the release of inflammatory response factors such as iron oxide, TNF-alpha, TGF-beta-1 and il-1 in fibroblasts).

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