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Is Peptides Bad for Human Body

The biological activity of peptides depends on their amino acid composition and sequence. Almost all physiological processes in human body are controlled by polypeptide or protein composed of specific amino acid sequences. Therefore, bioactive peptides have become a new direction and idea for cosmetics research and application, and their functions are more and more subdivided, such as anti-aging, repairing, anti-oxidant, anti-edema, promoting hair regeneration, inhibiting melanin generation, breast enlargement, weight reduction, etc.

Peptides are active substances between amino acids and proteins. All the active substances in the human body exist in the form of peptide. Peptide is an important physiological regulator of human body. There are hundreds of peptides in human body. Peptides are involved in various fields of human hormones, nerve, cell growth and reproduction. It can regulate human physiological function and enhance human physiological activity. Peptide has important biological functions, which is very important to human cell activity, functional activity and life.

For the discovery of peptides, Cohen, Murray, field biologists and chemists won the Nobel award. The famous American scientist, Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Zhu Diwen once said, "The bioengineering in twenty-first Century is to study genetic engineering and protein engineering, research protein, in a sense, is to study peptides." Moreover, Japanese scientist Tian Hui said: "the peptide has a full range of effects." In the period of SARS in 2003, the special drug that successfully suppressed SARS was calf thymosin beta 4 peptide.