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Hydrophilicity of Polypeptide

Hydrophilicity refers to a molecule with a polar group that has a large affinity for water, which can attracts water molecules or dissolve water. The surface of the solid material formed by such molecules is easily wetted by water. This characteristic is the hydrophilicity of the material. A hydrophilic molecule, or the hydrophilic part of a molecule, refers to those that has the ability to polarize to form the part of hydrogen bond and make it easier to dissolve in water or other hydrophobic solutions. Hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules can also be called polar molecules and nonpolar molecules respectively. It is determined that a peptide is the amount and proportion of hydrophobicity in the hydrophobic groups (such as carboxyl, hydroxyl) and hydrophobic groups, such as some hydrocarbon groups.

University of Newcastle Engineering Professor Toru Kanglong and his student Martina Mioto, developed both hydrophilic and hydrophobic (lipophilic) "two amphipathic peptides" coatings. When being sprayed on the surface of culture vessel, it can make the breed stromal cells isolated from surface automatically and set aside space forming new cells. The new method is the first to turn traditional batch cell production into continuous bioprocess. Even in coin-sized Petri dishes, the same number of cells can be produced in traditional culture bottles in a short time. Kanglong said that the new technology provides an innovative solution for cell therapy, which can not only reduce consumables, reduce production costs, but also improve the quality and standards of cell products. The new method can also control cell generation speed flexibly, not only for existing stacked culture bottles, but also for designing bioreactors with pinhead size to reduce production scale.

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