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Effects of Matrixyl

Matrixyl (five peptides) anti crease oligopeptide Matrixyl (basic peptide), also known as palmitic five peptide -3, contains synthetic effective peptide segments, which constitute the most abundant protein collagen fragments of the skin, and five peptides composed of lysine, threonine and serine. The five peptide links to the first amino acid through fat soluble palmitic acid and then links the amino acids to the peptide sequence Pal-Lys-Thr-Thr-Lys-Ser [Pal-KTTKS] in turn. The reduction of collagen in skin dermis is believed to be the main cause of wrinkles in human aging, so if it can promote the skin to synthesize more collagen, it can effectively reverse senescence and reduce wrinkles. The small active molecule in the Matrixyl is "micro collagen", the small molecule peptide through the cream containing Matrixyl deep into the skin to reach fibroblasts. In fibroblasts, small molecules, such as collagen and sucrose sucrose, which synthesize skin to form skin, are involved in the formation of skin matrix.

The peptide plays a messenger role in simulating the regeneration process of natural skin tissue. "Micro collagen" specifically acts on dermis cells, indicating that they are essential substances for the synthesis of the skin matrix: collagen (I, III, IV), which constitute the connective tissue of the skin, and Polysaccharide (sucrose glucosamine, hyaluronic acid), IV collagen, play a particularly important role in the repair of the epidermis dermal link (ED)--Maintain the elastic surface of the skin. "Minitype" also reflects that Matrixyl causes little cellular response: 3ppm (mg/kg). This amount is enough to activate the fibroblasts of the skin. So "microcollagen" is a minitype fragment of chemically synthesized natural collagen; it stimulates the synthesis of collagen; therefore, it is also a way to replace the injection of collagen to treat wrinkles.

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