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Discovery And Development Of Thymosin

Thymosin was first discovered in the 1960s by American scientist Goldstein who is known as the "father of thymus peptide" for its outstanding contributions in biochemistry and immunology. In 1965, Goldstein first isolated an immune-active substance from a calf's thymus gland and named it "thymosin".

During the period of SARS in 2002, a kind of drug was hard to find and made a huge contribution to fight against SARS. This medicine is known generically as thymosin α1at that time, now thymalfasin is the common name and its commodity name is Zadaxin.

Thymalfasin is a kind of immune medicine. It can enhance the body's innate immunity and adaptive immunity, that is to say, it can improve the body resistance to infection (virus, bacteria, fungi, etc.) and the ability to kill tumor cells.

At present, there are many kinds of thymopeptide preparations on the market. The chemical names and common names of different thymopeptide preparations are similar. In fact, different kinds of thymus peptides are completely and totally different in nature.

Although the names of the thymosin preparations are similar, they are completely different from each other in terms of their essence. When buying, patients must choose the product of clear mechanism (consistent of the human body naturally in the chemical structure and spatial structure), high safety (no serious adverse reaction), curative effect (having evidence-based medical evidence worldwide), so that it can guarantee to improve the immune function and have ideal curative effect.

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