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Biological Activity of DSIP

Delta sleep inducing peptide (DSIP)

Popova found that intraperitoneal injection of DSIPClOOfig/kg could inhibit the epileptic symptoms of the induced cats. Shandra and so on found that the antiepileptic activity of DSIP (Click to buy DSIP peptide for sale)will not be blocked by naloxone (an opioid peptide antagonist). Intravenous DSIP (60 nmol/kg) can significantly improve the abnormal cardiac function caused by pain stimulation in rabbits and inhibit it. The ventricular ectopic pulsation caused by emotional tension regulates the arrhythmia of heart rate. The mechanism may be that DSIP can prolong the stimulation effect of vagus nerve on cardiac function, but at the same time inhibit the similar effect of sympathetic nerve, so as to stabilize cardiac current and restore normal. The research on the analgesic effect of DSIP is a relatively new direction, which is still in its initial stage. In tail clamping and hot plate experiments in rats and mice, Nakamura and so on found that DSIP had analgesic effects. However, there was no such effect when pretreated with naloxone. In addition, DSIP had no analgesic effect on mice with morphine tolerance. All these strongly demonstrate that DSIP exerts its analgesic function directly or indirectly by acting on opioid peptide receptors. DSIP has an anti noise activity. Melkonian et al. found that DSIP could correct the abnormal contents of hemolytic phosphatidylcholine, schiff base, total phospholipids and vitamin E in rats induced by acute noise. DSIP can alleviate the red cell membrane anomalies caused by cold, stable and the activity of brain and blood antioxidant system, thus increases the biology for advance adaptability to extreme conditions, significant regulating metabolic disorders caused by hypoxia. DSIP also has anti-hyperbaric oxygen activity and anti-toxic brain edema activity. DSIP, moreover, can also with neurotransmitters, neuropeptides and hormones in the body, such as endogenous substances interact, promote animal serotonin (5 - HT) synthesis and release, increase 7 - air base of butyric acid content in the cerebral cortex, improve the level of substance P in the hypothalamus, and inhibit the release of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), etc. In addition, DSIP may be associated with suicidal tendencies.