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Are Peptides Dangerous

The peptide is an amino acid that is formed by the combination of the amide bond and amino acid is the basic unit of protein. Binding of various amino acids to long peptide chains, then the long peptide chain turns to form a protein. The difference between small peptide, short peptide, polypeptide and oligopeptide is only composed of how many amino acids, so you cannot make a rough understanding of whether there is a side effect of protein on the body or not. If in the case of human nutrition enough, adding polypeptide can lead to excess nutrients, thereby increasing the metabolism of the body load. Small molecular peptides are commonly used in cosmetics, such as mask, and small peptides (which can be understood simply as nano collagen) are easier to absorb than protein. In addition, for food, it depends on what kind of small peptides are: soybean peptide, peanut peptide and rice peptide. Different peptides have different functions, which can improve flavor, improve absorption, and enhance gastrointestinal function and so on.

Modern people lack peptide mainly manifested in: the human body injury and loss of a large number of peptides, the lack of human peptide; two is the ability of human synthetic peptides greatly weakened, not to add peptide, in order to avoid the lack of peptide induced immune disease, the body must replenish the synthetic peptide. Therefore, the peptide itself is not harmful, and the key is the way of using the peptide, as well as whether the peptide's receptor has specific adverse reactions to certain peptides.

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