Is peptide so amazing?

17th May 2018

With the busy work, the appearance of body shape becoming different, obesity, wrinkles are seriously endangering our health and appearance. In this fashion age of thin and beautiful, everyone is faced with their body and face, so in recent years gyms...
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Popular Peptides Set, Buy Now!

16th May 2018 promote its popular peptides sets, welcome to check them and buy today with competitive price. For more discount, please don't hesitate to contact me!5 Vials of Each PeptidesGHRP-6 5mg & Mod GRF 1-29 2mgGHRP-2 5mg & Mod GR...
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Hydrophilicity of Polypeptide

15th May 2018

Hydrophilicity refers to a molecule with a polar group that has a large affinity for water, which can attracts water molecules or dissolve water. The surface of the solid material formed by such molecules is easily wetted by water. This characteristi...
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Peptides Hormone

8th May 2018

Peptides hormones from the amino acids by peptide bonds connected into the smallest peptide hormone may be composed of three amino acids, such as thyrotropin releasing hormone (TRH). Most peptide hormones can be made up of more than ten, dozens o...
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Are Peptides Dangerous

7th May 2018

The peptide is an amino acid that is formed by the combination of the amide bond and amino acid is the basic unit of protein. Binding of various amino acids to long peptide chains, then the long peptide chain turns to form a protein. The difference b...
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Promising Therapeutic Agents - Peptides

3rd May 2018

Peptides is a small protein, usually a chain less than 50 amino acids, and has been considered as a promising therapeutic agent. More than 60 kinds of peptide drugs have been sold in the market and produced 13 billion annual sales, accounting for 1...
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Cosmetics Peptide

2nd May 2018

Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate: Anti-WrinklePartial blocking the information of nerve transmission and contracting muscle affects the nerve conduction of skin and the relaxation of facial muscles, so as to achieve the effect of smoot...
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The Principle of Peptides Synthesis

27th Apr 2018

At present, there are mainly two methods for chemical peptides synthesis, namely Fmoc and tBoc. Because Fmoc has more advantages than tBoc, Fmoc is now more popular. Peptide synthesis is a repeated process of adding amino acids, and synthesis...
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The Method of Obtaining Peptide Drugs

25th Apr 2018

There are three main sources: natural extraction, biological and chemical.1. Extraction of active components from natural productsThere are some active components in natural products, which can be extracted from simple mixtures by solvent extractio...
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